M600 macro

Sep 29, 2014 · In this trace we recorded 426MB being written to the drive and 7,235MB being read. In our read-intensive Gaming trace, the M600 256GB model boasted an impressive speed of 488MB/s, with an IOPS and average latency of 9,249.6 and 0.85ms, which ranked at the top of the charts beating even the top-in-class Samsung SSD..

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Jan 27, 2020 · Your M600 Macro calls your PAUS_MACRO. Your PAUSE_MACRO calls your PARK_MACRO. Your PARK_MACRO comtains a M117 command. M117 is for display messages. As you did not installaded/configured a display M117 is a unknown command. This is what happens in klipper and its ecxpected. You probably never noticed as octoprint would not highlight it..

# The M600 command can also be used to just change filament from console or via Button, so, # no more need for Unload,Park, Load etc. Macros anymore. The macro should return to the temp # the printer had when it was started, regardless ff printer temperature at 0, 40 or 200.